About ExTech

Major objective of EXTECH project is to disseminate knowledge about European experience in technology transfer among PhD students (young researchers), experienced researchers of the universities, administrative staff of the university R&D offices and representatives of city/regional government. Importance of this objective explained by the necessity to improve technology transfer from the universities and regional innovative infrastructure.

In order to conduct changes in technology transfer we are going to achieve the following goals:

  • to disseminate the information about the European experience through training University researchers, PhD students and administrative staff of University R&D offices to carry out technology transfer according to standards of the European Union. The goal will be achieved through three summer schools. Classes will be held both by Ukrainian and by EU experts. Teaching materials (lecture notes, presentations and cases) will be developed for the summer school “European Experience in Technology Transfer for Ukrainian Universities”.
  • to teach representatives of local government how to transfer technologies, how to develop innovative office, how to build regional technological maps and how to start spin offs and spin outs. This goal will be achieved through 3 trainings.

Goals of the project will be achieved through three summer schools in technology transfer for University researchers, PhD students and administrative staff of university R&D offices and three trainings for representatives of local government devoted to regional innovative infrastructure improvement.
During the trainings, the participants of the summer school can receive the necessary theoretical knowledge in technology transfer in the EU, which will enable participants to create a realistic implementation plan of their research. The workshops will help to analyze the knowledge, to conduct discussions on adapting the acquired knowledge in technology transfer in the EU to Ukrainian context and to work out case studies on technology transfer. During the round tables participants, lecturers and EU experts will discuss the current problems connected with the implementation of innovative projects and exchange experience. Group work of EXTECH summer school participants will provide a synergistic effect of combining competences, experience received for Ukrainian and the EU experts.

EXTECH project period: 2019 – 2022